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Copy Your Code to Try a New Fill Color

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When you’re programming, it’s helpful to try out different variables to see how they change your project.

For example, you might want to try several different colors from the RGB values chart for your progress bar.

If you test a different color and don’t like the results, it can be difficult to go back to the original version of the code.

Instead, make a copy of your code to try out new variables and preserve your original code.

In this extension, you will make a copy of the code and then change the color in your progress bar.

To begin, open a new window in your browser, and search for an RGB color picker.

Select a different color for your progress bar.

Leave the browser window open, so you can see the RGB values when you go back to your script editor.

Open your presentation from Drive.

Open the script editor.

Then, make a copy.

In the new version, replace the RGB values with the values of your new color choice.

Save, and run your function.

Then, return to your presentation to see how the new color looks in your progress bar.

If you prefer the new color, great!

If not, delete the new code.

Then, save and run your original function again to go back to the first color you selected.

Repeat the steps to try out more colors for your progress bar if you’d like.

In the future, you can make a copy of your code to test other variables.

Now, it’s your turn: choose a new color for your progress bar, in the script editor for your presentation, make a copy of your code, save, and run your function, and choose whether to keep the new color or delete the copy and use the original instead.

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