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Add a Progress Bar in Google Forms

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In the main lesson, you created a progress bar in a presentation to show an audience how far along they are in the presentation.

Progress bars are also useful on other projects.

When filling out a form, completing a survey, or taking a quiz, it’s helpful and motivating to have a progress bar, so you know how far along you are in the process.

In this extension, you will make your surveys, quizzes, and forms more user-friendly by showing a progress bar.

With Google Forms, you can turn on a progress bar automatically.

You don’t have to program it yourself.

The developers of the app have already done the programming work for you.

To start, open a new tab in your browser and go to forms dot google dot com.

Select a new, blank form.

Open the settings.

Then, select the presentation tab.

Select the option to show a progress bar, and save the changes.

Then, add a new section.

Continue adding sections until you have at least five.

It’s okay to leave the questions blank.

Preview how your progress bar will look to respondents.

Great job!

Your form now has a progress bar that clearly indicates how many pages of questions are finished and how many are still left to complete.

Have fun putting progress bars to work in your forms, quizzes, and surveys!

Now, it’s your turn: Open Google Forms, and create a new form.

Open the settings, and select the presentation tab.

Choose to show a progress bar, add at least five sections to your survey, and preview your progress bar.

Choose an extension
Share Your Code

Share your code so that your partner can from your programming to create their own progress bar.

Duplicate Multiple Slides and Extend Your Progress Bar

Insert additional slides in your presentation then run the script editor again so the progress bar appears throughout the entire expanded presentation

Troubleshoot Common Programming Errors

Read and interpret error messages, and solve the problems in your code.

Copy Your Code to Try a New Fill Color

Make a copy of the code and then change the color in your progress bar.

Add a Progress Bar in Google Forms

Make your surveys, quizzes, and forms more user-friendly by showing a progress bar.

Assign a Custom Color with Hex Codes

Change a font color in your presentation using a hex color code.


Choose one or more extensions to add more features to your code and learn more ways to use progress bars.