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One of the biggest expenses on vacation is transportation.

Make sure you have enough money to get where you want to go AND to get home!

If you picked a destination that requires air travel, use airline websites or travel comparison sites to compare flight prices.

Airlines charge different rates for similar flights.

Check out different airline sites and compare travel dates.

Some sites specialize in comparing the cost of flights with different airlines.

Check out some of these sites to compare costs.

Some of these sites also offer discounts when you book a flight and a hotel room at the same time.

Play around with sites like these to see if you can lower the cost of your trip.

Find one or multiple flights to reach your destination.

You could add the cost of several flights using a sum formula.

Or, you may find one round-trip ticket and enter it once on your spreadsheet.

Maybe you don’t want to fly--or it’s too expensive for your budget.

You can also choose to drive.

If you drive, you will need to pay for gasoline.

Investigate the current cost of gas in the city you plan to visit.

Use a map to estimate the number of miles you will travel to your destination.

Then, calculate an approximate cost for gas mileage by multiplying the number of miles you will drive to and from your destination, times the cost of gas per mile.

For example, if gas is 2 dollars per gallon and your car gets around 30 miles to the gallon, you’ll pay about 7 cents for each mile you drive.

If your destination is 300 miles away, multiply 7 cents times 300 to find an approximate cost for gas.

Don’t forget to budget for your return trip, too!

Multiply the gas cost by two to budget for your initial and return trips.

Another way to save money on travel is to split the cost with a group by taking a bus or a train.

Options like these can save you money because you split fuel costs with others.

Lots of buses and trains offer Wi-Fi and there are restrooms on board.

Best of all, you don’t have to drive!

In addition to getting to your destination and back home, you will also need money for transportation once you get to a place.

Unless you’re planning to stay within walking distance of your hotel, restaurants, and activities for your entire vacation, you will need to budget for transportation costs during your trip, too.

If you drive to different locations while on your trip, you might need to budget more money for gasoline.

Or, take public transportation.

Some buses, trains, streetcars, or metros sell daily or weekly tickets.

Find information about these options on city websites or search the internet for the city and “transportation options.”

Enter a transportation pass as a one-time cost in your budget.

Try to account for all of the costs you would have on your trip.

Try to minimize your costs as much as possible, perhaps by trying another option.

Researching as many of these costs before your trip will help you make the best choices.

It can also save you money!

Now It’s Your Turn: Research the costs necessary to travel to and from your destination, as well as transportation while you’re there.

Budget for transportation costs in your spreadsheet.

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