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Attractions and Souvenirs

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Activities and entertainment are often the best and most memorable experiences of traveling.

Once you have decided on a place to visit, determine what you want to do there.

Costs vary widely depending on what you want to do.

But there are ways to have awesome experiences even on a tight budget.

State, national, and local parks, beaches, and museums are often free or inexpensive to visit.

You can really stretch your budget by visiting these kinds of sites.

If you plan to sightsee in spread-out areas, make sure to budget for transportation costs.

This will affect whether you rent a car, take taxis, or buy a bus or metro pass.

Prioritize the activities you are most excited about in your budget.

You probably chose your location because there was something specific you wanted to do there.

Do you want to go to a popular amusement park?

See a Broadway play?

Tour a national park?

Hit the beaches?

Budget for these expenses first, to make sure you have the money to do what you really want to do.

You could even add a ratings scale to your spreadsheet using data validation.

Or, you could label each activity “Must Do,” “Might Be Interesting,” or “If I Have Free Time.”

If you aren’t sure what to do, search the internet.

Type in your location and “Things to Do,” “Walking Tours,” or “Attractions.”

Or, visit the city’s Convention and Visitors Bureau.

Or check out blogs and travel guides for your location.

You might want to save up for one big event on your vacation, like a baseball game, where you will really splurge.

You might want to get box seats, eat expensive ballpark food, and buy souvenirs.

But keep in mind that your experience can be just as enjoyable if you sit in cheaper seats, eat before the game, bring some water, and take lots of pictures!

Your experience does not have to be expensive to be fun and memorable!

If you plan to go shopping or buy souvenirs on your trip, make sure to add these costs to your budget as well.

You might not yet know what you will buy, but think about what kind of shopper you are.

If you love to shop, budget more in this category.

If you don’t really care about souvenirs or shopping, allow less.

Giving yourself even a small allowance for souvenirs, shopping, and even extra snacks will help you stick to your budget.

Now It’s Your Turn: Research activities for your vacation.

Add the costs of activities to your budget spreadsheet.

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Attractions and Souvenirs

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