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4. Narrow Down Your Ideas List

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In this video, you will gather with your group and make a list of three movies you think would be successful and three movies you do not think would be successful.

You will add a section in your document for these lists and create clickable links for the movie titles.

Listen to all the directions in this video, then gather at one group member’s computer.

Talk about your favorite movie ideas.

What hypotheses did your group members make about successful movies?

Did you agree on the most important elements?

Did you disagree?

Using your hypotheses, make a “Successful Movies” list and an “Unsuccessful Movies” list.

Under the headings for each category, type the titles of three movies you think would be successful and three you think would not be successful.

Add a horizontal line to separate your movie lists.

Then, link each title to the heading of the movie description in your ideas document.

Highlight the title, right click, and select link.

Then choose the appropriate heading.

Now, when you click on the link, you will jump to the information about that specific movie.

Clickable links make it easy to navigate large documents and locate the information you need.

Test the links.


Now you can easily get back to the information about each movie.

Under each title, type “Initial Thoughts.”

Then, add at least one reason why your group thinks the movie would be successful or unsuccessful.

When your group is done, you should have: Selected three movies you think will be profitable Selected three movies you think will not be profitable Linked those titles in your Movie Ideas document; and typed at least one initial thought about why you think those movies will or will not be successful.

Now, it’s your turn: Gather with your group at one computer and compare your initial thoughts about successful movies Choose three movies that your group thinks would be successful and three that would not be successful.

Type the lists in the top of the document.

Link the titles in the list to the headings in the document and type at least one reason that each movie would be successful or unsuccessful.

Once your group has created the two lists, move on to the next video to wrap up this activity.


  1. Gather at one computer to compare hypotheses.
  2. Choose 3 successful and 3 unsuccessful movies.
    • Type the list
    • Link each title
    • Type at least one reason
  3. Move on to the next video.