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1. Build Your Movie Proposal Pitch

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At this point, you have a great movie idea, and you performed data analysis that makes you think it would be a profitable film.

You designed marketing materials and ran an A-B test to determine which poster makes your audience want to see your movie.

In this activity, your group will compile a brief pitch proposal in a document to persuade an imaginary board of directors to fund your movie.

A film proposal is the first step a producer takes to develop a film.

It tells investors all the details about the movie in order to persuade them to invest.

At this point, your group knows why you chose to greenlight this particular movie.

You’ve used data analysis and an A-B test to backup your decisions.

But your potential investors don’t know why you made your decisions.

The investors care about making money.

They want to fund movies that have a high return on investment.

Your proposal will explain why you chose the movie, and the results of your marketing test.

You’ll insert charts from your movie data spreadsheet to help illustrate why you selected the movie you did.

To start, have one group member open a new Google Document.

Name it with your movie title and Pitch Proposal.

Share it with your group.

Then, move on to the next video to compile your movie proposal.

Now it’s your turn: Have one person open a new Google Document and name it Pitch Proposal.

Share the document with your group, and move on to the next video to compile your proposal.


  1. Open a new Google Document and name it "Pitch Proposal."
  2. Share the document.
  3. Move on to the next video.
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