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6. Organize Group Projects in Google Sheets Wrap-Up

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Group projects are rewarding, but they also can be complex and challenging.

Using spreadsheets helps you stay organized as you work on a complex project over a period of several weeks or even months.

In the previous videos, you used spreadsheets to help you build your task list, format column headers that stand out, set deadlines, and sort your spreadsheet by date, add notes to keep all group members informed, and use data validation to stay on schedule and assign task owners.

These digital skills can be applied to all kinds of projects in school, at work, and in your personal life.

You might use spreadsheets in the future to plan group projects, such as setting up a school club or community group; designing a website, app, or a podcast; starting a volunteer program at a local nursing home; or planting and managing a garden for a soup kitchen.

No matter what your group decides to work on, the digital tools you learned in these videos will help ensure that your project is on time, successful, and fun for everyone.

Good luck!

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Certificate of Completion

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