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Checklists are helpful tools you can use to guide the success of your projects.

They allow you to quickly and efficiently manage your projects by keeping all of the important details in one place so that all tasks are accounted for and completed on time.

Checklists enable you to set achievable goals, manage your time, monitor your progress, and feel a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction when your checkboxes are marked complete.

You can create a checklist in a spreadsheet by adding checkboxes to keep track of the status of each of your project tasks.

In a complex spreadsheet, checkboxes enable you to quickly and easily update the status of a task with a single click.

In this extension, you will create a checklist by adding checkboxes to your project-planning spreadsheet.

You will insert a new column in your spreadsheet, insert checkboxes, and click inside the boxes to indicate whether a task is complete.

Begin by opening your spreadsheet.

Then, make a copy.

Next, insert a new column to the right of the Status column.

Highlight the entire column.

Then, Insert a Checkbox.

Next, click inside the boxes that correspond to any completed tasks.

Leave the boxes unchecked for any task that is still in process or not yet started.

Great job!

Now you have a one-click method for keeping track of the status of every task in your Project-Planning spreadsheet.

This will save your group lots of time as you continue working on your project.

People use checklists for all sorts of things: planning a vacation, keeping track of homework assignments, or making a shopping list.

They can be especially useful in an academic or professional setting when working on highly complicated and collaborative projects.

Now it's your turn: Open your spreadsheet.

Insert a new column to the right of the Status column.

Highlight the new column, and insert checkboxes.

Then, click inside the boxes to indicate completed tasks.

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Add Links to Resources

Use a spreadsheet to keep track of the research you do for your group project so you can easily access it later and cite your sources properly.

Use Conditional Formatting to Show Task Status

Add conditional formatting to your group project spreadsheet.

Check Off Completed Tasks

Create a checklist by adding checkboxes to your project planning spreadsheet.

Invite Group Members to a Meeting

Schedule a meeting, invite people to your meeting, and share a document in your meeting invitation.

Ask for Feedback and Implement Suggestions

Share your project planning spreadsheet with a partner.

Filter Tasks by Owner

Create a filter view in order to clearly and easily see the tasks you own.


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