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Ask for Feedback and Implement Suggestions

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Asking for feedback on your project planning spreadsheet is a great way to get valuable suggestions, comments, and ideas from others.

It can help you improve your work and turn your spreadsheet into a stronger organizational tool.

In this extension, you will share your Project-Planning spreadsheet with a partner.

You will set sharing permissions, ask for specific feedback, review comments and suggestions, and decide which feedback to implement in your spreadsheet.

To start, make sure you have the email address of the person you want to share your spreadsheet with.

This can be a classmate, family member, or your teacher.

Then, share your spreadsheet by entering their email address.

Next, set the sharing permissions for that person.

Edit means they can make changes directly, Comment lets them add comments but not make any changes, and View lets them read your spreadsheet only.

Select the option to Comment.

Feedback is most helpful when you have a specific goal, so you might include a note.

You might ask whether your tasks are in the right order or if the work seems evenly shared among all of your group members.

Then, send your request for feedback.

Meanwhile, your partner will send their own request for feedback to you.

To see it, navigate to your email account.

Locate the email with your partner’s invitation in the inbox.

Read the note your partner wrote to you, so you understand what kind of feedback they are asking for.

Open the spreadsheet.

Highlight a part of the spreadsheet to comment on.

Remember to keep your feedback respectful and positive.

Continue reviewing the spreadsheet, and add more comments and suggestions.

If you change your mind about a comment, delete it.

When you finish providing feedback, insert a comment in the spreadsheet letting your partner know your comments are ready for them to review.

Then, type the at symbol and your partner’s email address in the comment.

Your partner will receive an email notification that the document is ready for them to look at.

Once you also receive notification that your partner is done looking at your spreadsheet, return to it.

Review the comments.

If you agree with the feedback, change your spreadsheet to match what was suggested.

When you're finished implementing a comment or suggestion, resolve it.

Then, move on to the next piece of feedback.

Continue revising your spreadsheet until you have addressed all of your partner's comments and suggestions.

Asking other people for their opinions is a great way to gain diverse perspectives and improve the quality of your work.

You can share all types of documents, slideshows, drawings, and spreadsheets -- like your Project-Planning sheet -- using Google Drive.

Now it's your turn. Share your spreadsheet with a partner.

Give them permission to comment.

Add a note requesting specific feedback.

Review your partner’s spreadsheet.

Return to your spreadsheet, and review your partner’s feedback.

Then, revise your spreadsheet, and resolve comments.

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