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In this video, you will write a list of project tasks in your spreadsheet.

A task is an activity that needs to be accomplished by a deadline in order to complete a project successfully.

Keeping track of tasks in a spreadsheet is helpful because you can easily sort the items, add notes or other relevant information, and use your spreadsheet as a checklist to make sure you don’t forget any important steps.

A spreadsheet is made up of columns and rows.

Columns are vertical, like the columns on a building.

Rows are horizontal, like rows of seats in a movie theater.

To begin adding tasks, return to your spreadsheet.

Get together with your group and select another person to create a column header for tasks.

Headers help you quickly and easily identify what information is listed and sorted in the column below.

Now, take a few minutes to talk as a group about what your project will involve.

For instance, in the example project of teaching a topic to your class, you would need to research your topic, write a lesson plan, create slides or handouts for the class, write speaker notes, and create a quiz to see what students learned.

Those are just a few of the tasks involved in teaching a topic to a class.

Your group may brainstorm many more.

As you come up with tasks, type them in the cells of the Tasks column.

A cell is a box where you enter a single piece of information.

Each individual cell is identified by a column letter and a row number.

Enter your project tasks in the cells beneath the Tasks header.

Everyone in the group can add tasks.

As a group, come up with at least ten tasks, or use the tasks shown on screen.

Great work!

You have your project tasks listed and are on your way to making a complex project much simpler.

By breaking down a large task into smaller components, your group is more likely to have a successful result.

Now it's your turn: Create a column header for tasks.

And add at least ten project tasks in the cells beneath the tasks header.


  1. Create a column header for tasks.
  2. Add project tasks in the cells beneath the Tasks header.