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Google Drive is a great place to store your files for later use, but having a place to store your important files is only useful if you can find those documents when you need them.

Even if you keep your Drive account organized, it can still be tricky to find one specific file when you have a lot of different materials stored there.

In this video, you will use the search feature to find a file stored in your Google Drive account.

This is useful when you know some keywords in the file you’re looking for...but don’t remember what you named it or if you do remember the name but don’t have the time to look for it.

To start, open Google Drive.

If you remember what you called the file you’re looking for, use Drive to search for it by name.

Or, search for a file by keywords it contains.

For example, if you know you were working on notes for the last newspaper staff meeting, you could search for the word newspaper.

Use advanced search settings to customize your search.

This is useful if you have multiple files with similar names or contents.

Advanced search settings allow you to change the type of file Google Drive searches for.

For example, if you know you want to find a spreadsheet, ask Drive to find only spreadsheets.

If you know you starred the file to mark it important, ask Drive to look for it within your starred files.

Or search for a file in the trash if you think you might have deleted it.

If you know you worked on the file you’re trying to find today, for example, ask Drive to search by date.

Choose to find only those files you made changes to today.

Also consider whether you have shared a file with anyone.

If you shared a file with a teacher or classmate, ask Drive to search only for files you’ve shared with that person.

Now, it’s your turn: Think of the file you want to find, Use the advanced search settings to select the file type, And search for that file in Google Drive.

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