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Review Your Google Drive Settings

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Google Drive makes it easy for you to store, organize, find, and share files.

But you can make Drive extra useful by customizing your account settings.

In this video, you will check how much storage space you have available for files, change file formats, and set how Drive notifies you about changes to files in your account.

To start, open Google Drive.

From the home screen, open your settings menu.

This gives you the freedom to choose how your Google Drive account works.

The first section of the menu tells you how much storage you have available for files you add to Google Drive and how much you have used so far.

Choose whether to convert uploaded files to Google Docs editor format.

This is useful when you have created a file in another app or software but want to be able to edit it using Google Docs.

Or, change the language your Drive account uses.

If you like, change the notifications you get when someone sends you a file in Google Drive or comments on or edits a file you have sent them.

By default, notifications come to your Gmail account as emails.

To stop receiving emails about changes to Google Drive items, uncheck the box.

If you use Google Chrome to browse the internet, you can also get those notifications right in your browser.

This means that if you’re online when something changes in your Drive account, you’ll get a notification immediately—even if you aren’t looking at Google Drive or your Gmail account.

This setting is turned off by default, but you can choose to turn it on.

Choose what kinds of notifications you get in your browser.

If you want to be notified only when someone shares a new file with you, leave only that box checked.

If you want to be notified in your browser every time someone adds a comment to one of your files or makes a suggestion, keep that box checked.

This option can be helpful when you’re waiting to receive feedback from someone about a file you’ve shared.

When you have your settings just the way you want them, click Done.

Now, it’s your turn: Open your settings menu in Google Drive, Check how much storage space you have available, Decide whether to convert uploaded files, Choose the notification settings you want, And click Done.

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