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In this video, you will download and save files from your Google Drive to your computer.

Keeping your files in Google Drive gives you access to the files when you are online.

Sometimes you might not be able to get online but still want to work on a story you’re writing or a presentation you’re creating.

Downloading files from Drive gives you access to those files anytime.

To start, open Google Drive.

Find a file in your Science folder and open it.

To download the file, open the File menu and find the option to download.

This menu gives you a few different options for the kind of file you’ll download.

Your choice will depend on what your file contains and how you plan to use it.

For example, if you want to use the word-processing application on your computer to work on a paper you’ve started in Google Docs, your best choice is to download the file as a Microsoft Word document.

If you want to download a file so that it’s secure and no one can change its wording, it’s better to choose a P-D-F document.

This can be useful for files you need to upload to other websites.

For example, some companies or colleges ask applicants to upload resumes as P-D-Fs.

Once you download your file, make sure to open it.

Computer systems don’t always use the same fonts and formats, so it’s important to check that everything looks the way you want it to before you use the file.

Now, it’s your turn: Open the file you want to download, Choose the format you want to download it in, Download the file, And open and check the file.

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Mark Important Files

Students mark important files in their Google Drive accounts so they're easy to find later.

Find A Recent File

Students learn to quickly find and open a recent file in Google Drive.

Review Your Google Drive Settings

Check how much storage space you have available for files, change file formats, and set notifications for changes to your account.

Customize Advanced Sharing Settings

Customize your sharing settings in Google Drive to choose how people interact with the files and folders you share with them.

Download Files

Download and save files from your Google Drive to your computer.

Search for Files

Learn to use the search feature to find a file stored in your Google Drive account.


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