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Customize Advanced Sharing Settings

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Sharing your work with others can be a great way to learn something new, get better at something you’re already good at, or help a friend understand a new concept.

But you might not want every person you share a file with to be able to change that file or to have permanent access to it.

In this video, you will customize your sharing settings in Google Drive to choose how people interact with the files and folders you share with them.

Sharing settings also can be used to Keep your work from being shared without your permission, Allow a teacher to give feedback on your work, Let your friends proofread your college applications, And keep people from changing your words.

To start, open Google Drive.

Find and open the folder you shared with a classmate earlier.

Share the folder.

Now access the advanced settings.

This screen shows who has access to the file or folder you’re sharing and enables you to: update or remove the access others have to your file and tell Drive whether to let people with access to the file share it with others or download, copy, or print it.

Because your partner has given you feedback on your group project already, remove their ability to comment on the folder you’ve shared and make the documents within that folder view-only.

Keep in mind, too, that if you share a folder with someone else, that person has access to every subfolder and file within that folder.

Now, it’s your turn: Open the folder you shared with a partner and open one of the files inside, Select Share, Select Advanced settings, Set the file’s permissions so your partner can only view the file.

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