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Once you have made significant progress with your college research, you may want to share what you’ve discovered with people who can help with your college decision.

For example, if you have a school counselor, they might have advice to give about the schools you’ve selected.

You also might want to include family, friends, coaches, or teachers in your decision-making process and college evaluations.

To begin, go to Google Drive And open your spreadsheet.

Now, select “Share.

Select the permission you want to use: “Can edit” means the person you share with can make changes directly in the spreadsheet.

“Can comment” allows them to make comments, but not edit.

And “can view” lets them see your spreadsheet only.

Give the person permission to comment so you can get their feedback on your college spreadsheet.

Enter the name or email address in the field.

Include a note letting them know about your college research and inviting them to share their feedback.

Then, click “done.”

They will receive an email inviting them to comment on your spreadsheet.

Great work sharing your research with othersvwho can help you make the best possible college decision!

Now, it’s your turn: Go to Google Drive, and open your spreadsheet.

And share your spreadsheet for feedback.

Choose an extension
Research and Sort Important College Deadlines

Add information to your spreadsheet about regular admission deadlines.

Add a New Sheet for Application Requirements

Add a new sheet to your spreadsheet to organize required application materials for each school.

Filter Colleges by Degree Type

Narrow down your degree choices to focus on the colleges that offer the degree you want.

Clarify Information by Splitting Text to Columns

Split text from one column into two columns to clarify and better organize details in your spreadsheet.

Keep Track of College Applications with Data

Learn how to use data validation to keep track of deadlines for your college applications.

Share Your College Spreadsheet with Others

Change permissions settings and share your spreadsheet to get feedback from others.


Choose an extension video to change the content, structure, and goals of your spreadsheet.