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The college application process can be complex.

Each school has its own list of requirements that you will need to keep track of and include with your application.

In this extension, you will add a new sheet to your spreadsheet to organize required application materials for each school.

These materials may include: High school transcripts Standardized test scores Essays you write Letters of recommendation Your resume and other supporting materials.

High school transcripts are official records from your school.

They include your grades and GPA.

You can get your transcript from your guidance counselor or school registrar.

Standardized college admission tests are given and scored in a consistent way.

Some schools will only accept the SAT; others may want both the SAT and the ACT.

There are others that don’t require standardized tests at all.

The essay is an opportunity to talk about yourself, discuss an issue that’s important to you, or write creatively.

Letters of recommendation give college admissions officers more information about your character.

They may be written by your guidance counselor, a teacher, an employer, a coach, or other individuals.

Lastly, some schools might want you to submit a resume.

This can provide information on jobs or internships you’ve helped and also illustrate your level of involvement and commitment in your school and community.

Keeping these materials organized in your spreadsheet will help you stay on task and ensure that you have a complete application submitted on time.

To begin, go to Google Drive, and open your spreadsheet.

Add a new sheet to organize your supporting materials.

Name your new sheet “Supporting Materials.”

Now, return to your original sheet.

Highlight the entire “College” column.

And copy it.

Then, return to your Supporting Materials sheet And paste it into column A.


Now your college list is also in your new sheet.

Next, select the entire sheet, and wrap the text.

Wrapping the text makes all of the words fit in a single cell without having to hit return.

Open a new browser tab and research the application requirements for each college.

Go to Then, type the name of a school and “application requirements.”

Review the list of materials on the college’s website.

Add the items listed for each school in the row for that college.

Then, continue researching and adding supporting materials for all of the schools on your list.

You will find that many of the materials and requirements are the same for each college, but some are different.

It’s okay if the items in your spreadsheet are in a random order.

Just be sure to list everything, so you can check off items later when you’re putting together your applications.

Great job completing the supporting materials information in your college spreadsheet!

Having this information clearly organized will help you submit complete, timely applications.

The digital tools you learned in this extension also can help you research and organize information for a book report, recipes for a meal you want to prepare for friends and family, or instructions for using different electronics or household tools.

Now, it’s your turn: Open your spreadsheet in Google Drive.

Add a new sheet, and name it “Supporting Materials.”

Copy and paste the College column in your new sheet.

Wrap the text.

And research application requirements for each college And add them to your sheet.

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