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Research and Develop a Topic
Lesson Plans

Learn to identify credible online sources and make an interactive research document with basic coding.

Technology, Ethics, and Security
Lesson Plans

Research technology risks and dangers, explore solutions, and create a report to communicate your findings.

Plan an Event
Lesson Plans

Create to-do lists, assign tasks, and promote an event.

Guide to an Area
Lesson Plans

Research and organize information about a location to create an interactive guide.

Technology's Role in Current Events
Lesson Plans

Research a current event, like “social media and presidential elections,” and create a report to communicate findings to classmates.

Plan and Budget
Lesson Plans

Learn to make good financial decisions by analyzing long-term spending, researching and comparing costs, and planning for major purchases.

Create an Editing Tool with Programming
Lesson Plans

Learn basic coding concepts and create an automated editing program that will help improve a writing assignment.

Technology at Work
Lesson Plans

Research technology’s impact on the workplace and on people’s daily lives, and create a report to communicate your findings.

Pick the Next Box Office Hit
Lesson Plans

Act as a movie producer to analyze movie data trends to pick the next box office hit.

Equal Access to Technology
Lesson Plans

Research a topic related to technology access, and create a report to communicate your findings.