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Add Animations and Transitions

In this extension, students will add animations and slide transitions to their digital thank-you card in Google Slides.

Add Custom Colors to Your Palette

Students will add custom colors to their conditional formatting rules by both selecting a color from the custom color palette and adding a color hex code.

Add Effects to Text and Images

Format text and images to vary the look of your presentation.

Add Hyperlinks to Your Blog

Students learn about hyperlinks and key words, search online for websites to link, and add hyperlinks to their blog.

Add Images to Your Quiz Questions

Middle school students and high school students use project-based learning to improve basic digital skills by integrating images into quizzes and giving their form more visual appeal.

Add Inspirational Quotes and Images

Search for images and quotes to personalize your website.

Add Links to Resources

Use a spreadsheet to keep track of the research you do for your group project so you can easily access it later and cite your sources properly.

Add More Fonts

Find new fonts and add them to your doc to give it more pizazz.

Add More Formatting Elements

Students add additional formatting elements to their journal.

Add Shapes and Lines

Add and edit shapes and lines in your infographic to customize your design.

Add Subpages

Explore how to organize your information into subpages.

Add Video

Import and embed a video clip into your Slides presentation.

Add Weight to Your Digital Footprint

In this extension, students consider the different impact each online action may have on their digital footprint and give each one a weight.

Add Word Art

Add and customize word art in your infographic to call attention to text.

Add Your Photo Journal to Google Sites

Students learn how to create a website using Google Sites and about online safety to keep their journal semi-private.

Add a Calendar Reminder to Change Your Passwords

Add an event to your calendar that occurs regularly to remind you to change your passwords for added security.

Add a Custom Background Gradient

Customize your infographic background with a gradient.

Add a New Sheet for Application Requirements

Add a new sheet to your spreadsheet to organize required application materials for each school.

Add a Progress Bar in Google Forms

Make your surveys, quizzes, and forms more user-friendly by showing a progress bar.

Add a Theme

Middle school and high school students improve their digital skills by updating the settings in their quiz form, in this project-based learning lesson.

Add a YouTube video to your Document

Embed a YouTube video of your choice into your document!

Analyze Quiz Data

Use project-based learning to teach middle school and high school students how to analyze data and individual responses to their quiz, plus additional digital skills.

Androidify Yourself

Add some more personality to your Google account, text messages, and chats by using the “Androidify” app to create your own android character!

Animate a Title Slide

Animate titles and other content in your presentation.

Annotate Using Footnotes

Students add footnotes in Google Docs to document sources and add information.

Annotate Using a Prompt

Students make digital notes in a piece of writing in Google Docs based on a prompt for an assignment or paper.

Annotate a Literary Piece

Students use Google Docs tools to make notes in a fiction piece.

Annotate a Scholarly Article

Students make digital notes in a scholarly article to find evidence for a research paper or class discussion.

Annotating Images with Google Drawings

Use the Google Draw app to annotate images you use.

Ask for Feedback and Implement Suggestions

Share your project planning spreadsheet with a partner.

Assign a Custom Color with Hex Codes

Change a font color in your presentation using a hex color code.

Attractions and Souvenirs

Use this video to help budget for things to do and souvenirs to buy on your trip.

Change Settings to Customize Your Quiz

Middle school and high school students improve their digital skills by updating the settings in their quiz form, in this project-based learning lesson.

Change Your Site's Design

Explore the different theme and section options available to you.

Change the Colors of a Classmate’s Project

Students will share projects with a partner, make a copy of their partner’s sheet, rename their copy of the project, and modify the colors of the copied project.

Check Off Completed Tasks

Create a checklist by adding checkboxes to your project planning spreadsheet.

Check an Email for Detailed Sender Information

Learn how to check email metadata and full headers in Gmail to confirm the authenticity of an email and identify whether it’s suspicious or not.

Clarify Information by Splitting Text to Columns

Split text from one column into two columns to clarify and better organize details in your spreadsheet.

Compare Your Model with Average Rating
Copy Your Code to Try a New Fill Color

Make a copy of the code and then change the color in your progress bar.

Create Paragraph and Short Answer Questions

Use project-based learning to teach middle school and high school students how to create additional question types for their quiz, plus additional digital skills.

Create a Batting Order Using Probability

Students create a batting order by analyzing and sorting probability data in Google Sheets.

Create a Browser Icon

Customize your site even further by adding a favicon.

Create a Credible Public Service Announcement

Write a credible Public Service Announcement.

Create a Journal as a Book or Historical Character

Students write a journal entry using the voice of a fictional character.

Create a Kindness Art Project

Create a collage about a friend, activity, or experience at your school and write positive things on it to share online.

Create a Password Using A Movie Title or Famous Movie Line

Create a password using the techniques you learned based on the name of a movie or famous line from a movie you enjoy. Put it in your hacker spreadsheet.

Create a Password Using a Saying or Phrase

Create a password using the techniques you learned based on a popular saying or phrase. Then, put it in the hacker spreadsheet.

Create a Password Using an Author’s Name or Book Title

Create a password using the techniques you learned based on an author’s name or title of a book you enjoy. Then, put it in the hacker spreadsheet.

Create a Personal Logo

Use Google Drawings to create a personal logo for your site.

Create a Poster to Teach Others About Online Scams

Create a poster in Google Drawings to remind others how to identify and avoid online scams.

Create a Presentation on Fairness in Machine Learning
Create a Printed Version of Your Journal

Students create a printed version of their journal by adding page numbers and updating the table of contents.

Create a Professional Website or Online Portfolio

Learn to use Google Sites to build a professional website.

Create a Reading Response Journal

Students create a dialectical journal, or reading response journal, on a fiction piece to prepare for an assignment or class discussion.

Create an Event Based on the Weather Forecast

Students use Google Search to find the weather forecast and then they create an event in Google Calendar.

Create and Share Your Own Map

Dig deeper into My Maps -- create your own driving habit doc, then add icons to your own map. Share with someone.

Customize Advanced Sharing Settings

Customize your sharing settings in Google Drive to choose how people interact with the files and folders you share with them.

Customize Your Google Form
Customize Your Image with a Color Scale

Students apply a color scale to their conditional formatting rules to change the colors of their project.

Customize Your Text with Word Art

In this extension, students will update their title slide text with Word art.

Customize Your Website

Students customize their website by changing its formatting features.

Customize with Word Art

Use the Word Art function in Slides to add extra emphasis and excitement to the text in your presentation.

Design a Credibility Poster

Create a poster in Google Drawings to teach others how to evaluate the credibility of online content by asking key questions.

Design a Custom Form

Build a form to gather information from others by adding unique questions and answers.

Design a Poster of Secure-Password Techniques

Create a poster in Google Drawings of the top five things to keep in mind in order to create strong passwords.

Download Files

Download and save files from your Google Drive to your computer.

Download Your Infographic as a File

Download your infographic as a file to use in other digital projects and share across the internet.

Draft an Email to Report a Scam

Draft an email to report a scam to a website.

Duplicate Multiple Slides and Extend Your Progress Bar

Insert additional slides in your presentation then run the script editor again so the progress bar appears throughout the entire expanded presentation

Edit the Master Slide and Modify the Theme

Edit the master slide of your presentation, and modify the theme to suit your personality and your topic.

Exploring Google Apps and Chrome Extensions

Apps and Extensions enhance the things you do online. You can find and install free games, utilities, and educational tools.

Filter Colleges by Degree Type

Narrow down your degree choices to focus on the colleges that offer the degree you want.

Filter Tasks by Owner

Create a filter view in order to clearly and easily see the tasks you own.

Find A Recent File

Students learn to quickly find and open a recent file in Google Drive.


Watch this video for tips on finding places to eat on your trip.

Format Titles and Tables with Google Sheets

Students learn how to enhance a spreadsheet by formatting titles and tables in Google Sheets.

Format Your Document

Update the formatting of your cyberbullying guidelines document to make it more useful and visually appealing.

Format the Style of Your CV

Select a new template for your CV and personalize it by making advanced formatting changes.

Frame Your Image by Removing Empty Rows and Columns

Students remove extra rows and columns from their spreadsheet.

Get Email Alerts and Download Quiz Responses in a Spreadsheet

Middle school students and high school students improve their digital skills by updating the settings in their quiz form, in this project-based learning lesson.

Group Objects to Edit Multiple Objects At Once

Group objects together to edit multiple parts of your infographic at the same time.

Identify the Thesis

Students find and annotate the main idea in a piece of writing in Google Docs.

Illustrate Probability with Conditional Formatting

In this extension lesson, students illustrate probability data using conditional formatting in Google Sheets.

Insert Images in Your Presentation

In this extension, students add images to their digital thank-you card in Google Slides.

Insert Maps in Your Blog

Students insert maps and write captions in their blog.

Insert a Footnote to Cite a Source

Search online for a credible source and insert a footnote in an article to cite the source.

Insert an Image in Your Blog

Students insert an image in their blog and learn about online safety and security for images.

Interland Game

Play your way to Internet Awesome with Interland, a new online game. Interland is a magical place brimming with both awesome and blahsome surprises. In these 4 lands, you'll embark on a quest to deny hackers, sink phishers, one-up cyberbullies, outsmart oversharers and become a fearless explorer of the online world.

Invite Group Members to a Meeting

Schedule a meeting, invite people to your meeting, and share a document in your meeting invitation.

Keep Track of College Applications with Data

Learn how to use data validation to keep track of deadlines for your college applications.

Learn the Law of Large Numbers

Students learn the law of large numbers and demonstrate the law using Google Sheets.


Watch this video for tips on finding a place to stay on your trip.

Make Your Google Password Secure

Update your Google account password with a new, secure one based on the techniques learned.

Make a Class Presentation

Work with the other groups in your class to make a class presentation about how to identify and avoid cyberbullying.

Make a Classroom Poster

Make your cyberbullying guidelines document into a poster to print and hang around your classroom or school.

Make a Digital Footprint Poster

In this extension, students make a poster to encourage others to investigate and manage their digital footprint.

Make a Table to Visualize Probability

Students visualize and solve a probability problem using a table in Google Sheets.

Make an Image “Clickable”

Turn the images in your presentation into clickable buttons!

Mark Important Files

Students mark important files in their Google Drive accounts so they're easy to find later.

Organize Images in a table

Add lines, set background color, change alignment and add space to cells using table properties.

Organize Your Slide Presentation with Speaker Notes

Store extra information and notes that you can read but are hidden from your audience.

Preparing for Your Presentation

Explore features in Slides like Speaker Notes and Presenter mode as well as how to prepare and deliver your material.

Publish Your Website

Students preview, publish and unpublish their website.

Publish to the Web

Publish your animated story to the Web to share with a wider audience.

Research How to Report an Online Scam to Law Enforcement

Search for information about how to report an online scam to law enforcement and add that information to your document.

Research Ways to Reduce Your Digital Footprint

In this extension, students research ways to reduce their digital footprint and create a checklist with recommendations.

Research and Sort Important College Deadlines

Add information to your spreadsheet about regular admission deadlines.

Resize Cells to Create an Exact Grid

Students resize their cells to form exact squares by setting pixel dimensions for rows and columns.

Review Your Google Drive Settings

Check how much storage space you have available for files, change file formats, and set notifications for changes to your account.

Review of Formulas and Visuals

Watch this video to review how to use formulas and add visuals to your budget spreadsheet.

Revise Your CV for a Specific Audience

Revise your existing CV for a specific job application, academic program, or internship.

Search Online to Learn More About Scams

Conduct online research to learn more about online scams and add new information to your group’s document.

Search for Files

Learn to use the search feature to find a file stored in your Google Drive account.

Shape Your Digital Footprint

In this extension, students add a section to their spreadsheet and list at least three things they can do online to shape their digital footprint in a positive way.

Share Your CV to Get Feedback

Share your CV with a partner to get feedback on how you can improve your CV.

Share Your Code

Share your code so that your partner can from your programming to create their own progress bar.

Share Your College Spreadsheet with Others

Change permissions settings and share your spreadsheet to get feedback from others.

Share Your Document for Feedback

Share your cyberbullying guidelines document with another student or group and ask for feedback.

Share Your Document with a Friend or Family Member

Share your document with a friend or family member and start a conversation about how to identify and avoid online scams.

Share Your Form to Get More Data
Share Your Journal

Students update the permission settings in their journal to share their work with others.

Share Your Machine Learning Journal to Get Different Perspectives
Share a Form through Social Media

Crowd source your ideas to get feedback using Google Forms.

Stay Informed About Current Events

Search for credible news articles and learn about current events.

Transitions Add Visual Interest

Add transitions to your presentation to create visual interest in your presentation.

Translate with Google Sheets

Automatically translate a list of words using the Google Translate formula in Sheets.


Watch this video for tips on transportation options for your trip.

Troubleshoot Common Programming Errors

Read and interpret error messages, and solve the problems in your code.

Upload Other Work

Upload any other completed work in this ongoing extension.

Use Conditional Formatting to Show Task Status

Add conditional formatting to your group project spreadsheet.

Use Gmail to Request a Letter of Recommendation

Use Gmail to request a letter of recommendation or reference letter.

Use Google Photos in Your Journal

Students learn to use Google Photos to add photos to their journal.

Use Icons to Represent a Number or Statistic

Add and edit icons to represent a number or statistic in your infographic.

Use Your Voice to Type

Use your voice to type in Gmail or Docs. Or, Voice Search on a phone, tablet, or watch; it speaks the answer back.

Using a Master Slide

Use a "master slide" to add interesting effects to your entire presentation.

Utilize Spelling Preferences and Personal Dictionary

Explore features to fix commonly misspelled words, and get Docs to recognize specific names and places.

Verify Credibility with Additional Sources

Search online for three sources to verify the credibility of information in an article.

What Does Your Digital Footprint Say About You?

In this extension, students think about their online actions and add a comment in Google Sheets to describe what impressions their digital footprint may give about themselves.

Wrapping Text Around Images

Format your documents with images and text intermingled.

Write a Blog Post

Students write and proofread the first paragraph of a blog post.

Write a Cover Letter

Learn to write a cover letter to introduce yourself to a potential employer.

Write an Email About Cyberbullying

Write an email to a trusted adult about an example of cyberbullying that you have seen or experienced, and ask for help.

Your Ideal Digital Footprint

In this extension, students create a presentation with ideas for building their ideal digital footprint.