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In this extension, you will publish your animated story to the Web to share with a wide audience.

Before you get started, it’s important to understand that publishing your presentation to the web makes it a public document.

So, take a moment to consider if there is anything in your slideshow that is private or that you wouldn’t want everyone to see.

Once you are comfortable with the content of your presentation, next, make sure your transitions and animations are running properly.

Run the slideshow in Present mode.

Or, check your individual animations in the animation menu.

Cick Stop to exit the menu.

When your slideshow is ready, publish it to the web.

From the File menu, select the publish function.

Options include Link, which gives you a URL address to share with people; and Embed, which will paste the actual slideshow into a web page, blog or other social media.

Choose Link.

Next, decide if you would like the slideshow to auto advance.

Choose how fast slides change.

Choose how the slideshow starts, either automatically when it loads or manually.

You can also program your presentation to repeat in a loop.

When you are happy with your slideshow, publish it.

Copy and paste the link into a new tab in your browser to view your presentation.

Experiment with your presentation to make it even smoother.

You could soften the transition to your blank slide with a dissolve.

When you finish making adjustments, return to the publish menu and email the link to your friends or teacher.

To remove your presentation from the web, return to the publish menu and select Unpublish.

When you publish your slideshow to the web using Google Slides, you reach a much wider audience than you could in the classroom or even by email.

Now, it’s your turn: Check your slideshow using Present mode.

Publish your slideshow to the web.

And copy the slideshow link and share it.

Choose an extension
Edit the Master Slide and Modify the Theme

Edit the master slide of your presentation, and modify the theme to suit your personality and your topic.

Customize with Word Art

Use the Word Art function in Slides to add extra emphasis and excitement to the text in your presentation.

Add Video

Import and embed a video clip into your Slides presentation.

Publish to the Web

Publish your animated story to the Web to share with a wider audience.

Add Effects to Text and Images

Format text and images to vary the look of your presentation.

Organize Your Slide Presentation with Speaker Notes

Store extra information and notes that you can read but are hidden from your audience.


Choose an extension video to enhance your presentation.