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In this extension, you will edit the master slide of your presentation and modify the theme to suit your personality and your topic.

A theme is a collection of design and layout elements - background, colors, graphics, fonts, and more.

Google Slides offers you many theme choices, but it also allows you to customize your own unique look.

For example, as you scroll through your presentation, you may decide that you want to change the font.

But changing it on every slide is time-consuming!

Instead, you can change it all at once.

Open the Slide menu and select Edit Master.

You will see all the layout slides in this theme.

Select the Master slide.

Select the header, and choose a different font.

This changes the header font.

And, if you scroll through the rest of the Layouts slide templates, you will see that the headers have changed there as well.

There are several other style attributes you can adjust from the Master slide.

Experiment until you find the right look for your presentation.

If you plan to use these changes in the future, give your new theme a name and save it.

When you edit your theme from the Master slide, you make changes efficiently and consistently.

And you will save time, especially on long presentations.

Now, it’s your turn: Open the Edit Master function in your slide presentation.

Select the Master layout slide.

Make layout changes.

And name and save your new theme.

Choose an extension
Edit the Master Slide and Modify the Theme

Edit the master slide of your presentation, and modify the theme to suit your personality and your topic.

Customize with Word Art

Use the Word Art function in Slides to add extra emphasis and excitement to the text in your presentation.

Add Video

Import and embed a video clip into your Slides presentation.

Publish to the Web

Publish your animated story to the Web to share with a wider audience.

Add Effects to Text and Images

Format text and images to vary the look of your presentation.

Organize Your Slide Presentation with Speaker Notes

Store extra information and notes that you can read but are hidden from your audience.


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