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The text in your presentation can do more than just express your thoughts and ideas; it can also express a mood or feeling.

Often, just by looking at the text, a reader can tell if a subject is serious, or fun, or even silly.

In this extension, you will use the Word Art function to add extra emphasis and excitement to the text in your presentation.

Start with your title slide.

It tells your audience about the topic of your presentation.

Replace the text with a font that better suits your topic.

To start, insert Word art.

Retype or copy and paste the first line of text, and save it.

Delete the original text and adjust the size and the placement of your Word art.

Then, repeat the previous steps to complete your message.

Or, you can keep the mix of Word art and text.

In the next steps, you will modify your two Word Art objects at the same time.

Press Shift and then click each object to link them together.

The Group function will work until you disable it.

Next, choose a new font.

If the change in font changes your line length or width, make additional lines.

Double-click your Word art object to return to the edit box.

Make the font bold or italic, if you like.

Choose a fill color for your letters -- either solid or a gradient.

You also can add a border -- either a solid or dashed line -- and adjust border thickness and color the border.

Now, inspect your results, and compare them to the original.

With Word Art, the new look is more visually interesting and better captures your subject matter.

Now, it’s your turn: Open your slide presentation.

Replace title slide text with Word art.

Group Word art objects together.

Add color and gradient to Word art.

And add a border to your Word art.

Choose an extension
Edit the Master Slide and Modify the Theme

Edit the master slide of your presentation, and modify the theme to suit your personality and your topic.

Customize with Word Art

Use the Word Art function in Slides to add extra emphasis and excitement to the text in your presentation.

Add Video

Import and embed a video clip into your Slides presentation.

Publish to the Web

Publish your animated story to the Web to share with a wider audience.

Add Effects to Text and Images

Format text and images to vary the look of your presentation.

Organize Your Slide Presentation with Speaker Notes

Store extra information and notes that you can read but are hidden from your audience.


Choose an extension video to enhance your presentation.