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In this extension, you will import and embed a video clip into your presentation.

To start, add a new slide to your presentation, either at the end or in the middle.

Title it.

From the Insert menu, select Video.

“Search” allows you to search videos on YouTube using a keyword.

If you already have a video, enter its link using the By URL function.

You can also use a video you have stored in Google Drive.

For this video, choose Search.

Enter a search term, and select a video from the search results.

Your video is now embedded in the slide.

Now you can change the size of the video preview box, As well as the location of the box on your slide.

When you add video to your presentation, you combine picture, sound and motion to illustrate an idea in a way that words, graphics and photos alone can’t.

Now, it’s your turn: Add a slide to your presentation and title it.

Insert a video clip.

And adjust size and position of the video preview box.

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Add Video
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Publish to the Web
Publish your animated story to the Web to share with a wider audience.
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Format text and images to vary the look of your presentation.
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