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In this extension, you will format text and images to vary the look of your presentation.

Google slides includes a feature called image cropping.

Cropping enables you to adjust the edges of an image to highlight certain parts and hide others.

A mask is a kind of crop, but instead of a rectangle, you can choose from a variety of different shapes.

To begin, Select an image.

Select Crop.

Choose a shape from the pulldown menu.

Then, crop the image.

There are several Format options that allow you to apply effects and adjustments to text and images.

To begin, highlight an object, and enable Format Options.

The options available for that object will appear.

For text, the format options are Drop Shadow and Reflection.

Enable Drop shadow.

Choose a shadow color.

Then, adjust the shadow’s transparency, angle, distance, and whether you want the shadow to be sharp or blurred.

To produce a mirror image of text or a picture, select Reflection.

Enable the function, then adjust reflection transparency, distance and size, as you like.

Other Format options are available only for images.

These include Recoloring and Image adjustments.

Highlight the image and select Recolor.

Choose from a variety of preset color themes, including black and white.

“No recolor” will return the image to its original settings.

The Adjustments menu allows you to modify the transparency of your image, from completely solid to completely invisible.

The Adjustments menu also includes some useful image correction tools.

These include Brightness...

And Contrast.

And you can always reset to your original settings.

Using these tools, you can create a presentation that has the right look to engage your audience.

Now, it’s your turn: Mask an image using Crop and Shapes.

Apply a Drop shadow and Reflection using Adjustments.

Adjust image color using Recolor.

Finally, adjust image transparency, brightness and contrast using adjustments.

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