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In this video you will fill in the remaining sections of your resume to complete your first draft. Update the company name with your employer, the location, And your job title.

Use the existing formatting. Then, add the dates you worked there.

If you are still working there, write your start date, a hyphen, and then “Present.”

Then, add the description from your brainstorming document. Split the information into bullets.

Use “active” verbs to describe the actions you performed.

Examples of active verbs include: Managed Coordinated Created Founded Planned Built Tracked And mentored Write in the present tense for work you still do.

Use the past tense for a job or project that has been completed.

Finish filling out the rest of the “Experience” section.

Include complete phrases for each bullet point in your list of experiences, but leave out pronouns like “I” or “me”. Next, update the “Education” section, including your school’s name and location.

Change “Degree” to “Diploma in Progress.”

Adjust the dates. Type “Anticipated Graduation Date” for the school you intend to graduate from.

To list more than one school, add another entry by copying your school and pasting it underneath. Be sure to follow the formatting used in the template. If you only attended one school, skip this step.

Finally, follow the same process to complete the “Awards” section.

You can choose to list only awards in this section. Or, include a mix of awards and activities, and update the header to match. Keep the header in all capital letters, so it’s consistent with the template.

Great job!

In the next video, you will edit your resume to make it look more professional.

Now, it’s your turn: Add your experience, education, and awards and activities to your resume.


  1. Add Experience, Education, and Awards and Activities to your CV.