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2. Brainstorm Work Experience and Education

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In this video, you will brainstorm ideas for the first sections of your resume.

A resume is a written document that highlights your education, work experience, activities, and skills.

A typical resume includes several sections: Your contact information, Work experience, Education history, Skills and abilities, And activities, awards, and accomplishments.

Begin by typing your contact information, including your email address.

Next, brainstorm two or three work experiences you’ve had. Resume readers want to see whether your experience is relevant to the position you are applying for.

If you haven’t had a paying job yet, that’s OK! You can include related experience, such as volunteer work, community service, regular household chores, or classroom responsibilities like taking attendance or participating in a group assignment. Even hobbies -- such as writing a blog or taking photographs -- could be relevant. Include any role that required responsibility and initiative in your brainstorming document.

For each experience, include the name of the employer the type of work, the location, dates of employment, and a description of what you did.

Include measurable details about your experience, like: How often you worked How much you accomplished during each shift Or how many items you completed over the course of the project.

Add two or three experience items to your brainstorming document.

Next, list your education history.

Type the name of your current school. List the school’s location, the month and year you started, your expected graduation date, and your GPA. Ask your teacher how to find your GPA if you don’t know it.

If you’re enrolled in an academic pathway or vocational track at school, include that as well.

If you transferred from another school, add your previous school to your brainstorming document.

Great! Your brainstorming document is off to a strong start. In the next video, you will brainstorm the final information for your resume: your skills, activities, and awards. Now, it’s your turn: Add your contact information. Brainstorm related work experience, And list your education history.

Then move on to the next video.


  1. Add contact information.
  2. Brainstorm related work experience.
  3. Add education history.