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5. Annotate Text in Google Docs Wrap-Up

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In this lesson, you annotated text to help you better understand and remember what you read.

The annotation skills you practiced in this lesson will help you complete school assignments, write papers, participate in classroom discussions, and read more closely and efficiently.

You opened a starter project of a nonfiction article and read it.

You created a key to organize your annotations.

You highlighted words you didn’t know and defined them.

You also highlighted sections that confused you or you did not agree with.

Then, you engaged more deeply with the text by bolding sections you thought were interesting or that you especially connected with and inserting comments about them.

Finally, you identified the main idea for each paragraph in the article and underlined it You added each category to an annotation key at the top of the article, so you or someone else would know what your annotations mean.

The annotations you did in this lesson can help you in many ways.

You might: highlight important points and make notes in a set of complex written instructions on how to assemble something, read and annotate many different sources for a research paper, closely read news stories to understand current events, or annotate poems or song lyrics to find their meaning.

In all these examples, annotation can help you better understand what you read and be able to talk and write about it.

By taking notes and recording your impressions in a piece of writing, you can organize your thoughts for any assignment or project.

Try the extensions for even more annotation tips and ideas!

Certificate of Completion

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Certificate of Completion

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