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Prepare for the G Suite certification exam with Applied Digital Skills lessons

This resume-ready credential shows employers you can use G Suite in the workplace. Prep for the exam with free lessons from Applied Digital Skills.

Test your knowledge

Show employers you are workplace ready

Build a stronger resume

Get certified in 3 steps


Applied Digital Skills lessons cover the apps and skills found on the exam


Take a practice exam


When you're ready, schedule time to take the exam. Learn how

Learn or teach the skills covered in the exam

See our comprehensive exam guide for details on how these lessons map to exam topics.
For additional training resources, check out the Certification’s webpage where you can find an Exam Guide and an interactive practice exam.



Using Drive

G Suite Certification: Drive timer 45 minutes

Learn to organize, manage, and share files

Using Gmail

G Suite Certification: Gmail timer 45 minutes

Learn how to manage your inbox and communicate with others in Gmail

Using Hangouts Meet

G Suite Certification: Hangouts timer 40 minutes

Explore the basic tools and functions in Hangouts Meet

Working in Docs

Docs - Part 1 timer 35 minutes

Learn how to set up and format a document in Docs

Docs - Part 2 timer 50 minutes

Learn how to add elements, format and edit text, and share with others in Docs

Working in Sheets

Sheets - Part 1 timer 55 minutes

Learn to edit and organize data in Sheets

Sheets - Part 2 timer 95 minutes

Learn to analyze data using filters, functions, and charts in Sheets

Sheets - Part 3 timer 65 minutes

Learn to manage and maximize data in Sheets

Working in Slides

Slides - Part 1 timer 45 minutes

Learn the basic components of creating a presentation in Slides

Slides - Part 2 timer 35 minutes

Learn how to add media to a presentation in Slides

Slides - Part 3 timer 55 minutes

Learn how to add data to and share a presentation in Slides

About the exam

Adult test takers
K-12 students

Exam format

This two-hour exam has two parts: multiple choice and performance based. Adults and K-12 students take the same exam. Learn more

Exam location

Remotely online, or in person at a public testing center (available in select cities)

At school facilitated by a school official

How to register

Register through the Google Cloud certification program

Learn about registration and exam logistics in the Teacher Center.

Or, watch these videos:
For administrators
For facilitators
For test takers



$37 through academic pricing

What you get

example of the digital badge awarded after passing the certification exam

Proof of certified status, including a digital badge

ISTE seal of alignment for the G Suite certification

“The certification test is clear, concise, well-designed and effectively implemented with a strong emphasis on authentic, performance-based activities. ”

- ISTE Findings Report

“The G Suite certification provides students with a pathway to show prospective colleges or employers that they possess the skills needed to thrive in the 21st-century ecosphere.”

- Mike Daughterty, Director of Technology and Innovation, Chagrin Falls Schools


For more hands-on practice with digital skills, check out our full curriculum