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In this video, you will choose a letter template in Google Docs to start writing your cover letter.

You will fill in your contact information and address the letter to the hiring manager.

To begin, go back to Drive and open a new document from one of the letter templates.

Choose a template that suits the job you are applying for.

Any template you choose should look clean and be easy to read, but take a closer look at the styles of each one before you make a decision.

For a more formal company or industry, such as insurance or the financial sector, choose one of the business letter templates.

For a creative role, consider a template with an interesting and creative design to match the job you are applying for.

Next, rename the letter.

Only include a physical address if you’re comfortable sharing that information.

If not, just include your phone number and email address so the company can contact you.

Change the date. Add the company’s address.

Address your letter to the hiring manager if you were able to learn their name.

If not, type Dear Hiring Manager.

Now, it’s your turn: Choose a letter template depending on the job you’re applying for, Include contact information, And address the letter to the hiring manager.


  1. Choose a letter template.
  2. Include contact information.
  3. Address the letter to the hiring manager.