2. Research the Job and Company

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In this video, you will conduct research on the business and job you’re applying for, perform an online search for the company, and take notes on what you learned in a document.

Researching the company and job you want to apply for is one of the first and most important steps you can take. It will help you: Decide if the job and company are a good fit, Write an effective cover letter, And get a head start if you get called in for an interview.

To begin your research, create a new document and give it a name.

Do an online search for the company.

Use quotation marks around the company’s name if there are multiple words.

If the company has an official website, it’s likely to come up early in your search results.

Reading the company website might tell you important information like whether it’s a small family business or a larger corporation.

Take notes about what you learn.

First, see if you can find the company’s mission statement.

This is often prominently displayed on the company’s website and usually describes what the company wants to do, and how.

See if you can find any recent articles about the company from the news.

Determine what challenges the company faces and what successes it has had. You can learn more about this kind of information in articles written about the company and on job review sites.

Think about why you are the right person to help the company with these challenges and how you can contribute to the successes.

Write down a few notes.

Look up the company on professional networking sites to get more information.

By looking at multiple sources, you’ll learn what the business says about itself, and also what other people, like employees and customers, have to say about it.

Now, research to see if you can find out the name of the person doing the hiring.

This person is called the “hiring manager.”

You may be able to find this person’s name on a professional networking site.

In some instances, the owner or manager may also act as the hiring manager, so you should address the letter to them.

If you know someone who already works for the business, speak to them so you can learn more about the company and the job.

Ask them: What do you enjoy about working there, What are some challenges for the company?

What should I know before I apply for a job there?

And would you be comfortable giving me a recommendation for the role?

Now, it’s your turn: Search for the business online to find information about it on its website and professional networking profile, Take notes on what you find in a document, And speak to someone you know who works for the company, if possible.


  1. Search for the business online to find information about it on its website and profile.
  2. Take notes in a document.
  3. Speak to a current employee, if possible.