6. Finish Your Letter and Sign Off

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In this video, you will finish writing your cover letter and end the letter with an effective sign-off. You will also proofread your letter. In the first paragraph, you introduced yourself to the potential employer and explained why you were excited to apply for the job.

The second paragraph discussed how your accomplishments could help the company with its challenges.

You also shared an accomplishment that you were proud of.

The final paragraph is your last chance to make a great impression.

If you have taken some time off from working for any reason, share what you did or learned that will help you excel in the new job.

Sign off by mentioning your enthusiasm for the role and company one last time.

End the letter with your name.

Finally, run a spell check on your cover letter.

You can also give it to a trusted friend or colleague to proofread it for you. They can help you identify and edit out mistakes.

Now, it’s your turn: Complete the last paragraph of your letter, End the letter with a great sign-off, And proofread the letter.


  1. Complete the last paragraph of your letter.
  2. End the letter with a great sign-off.
  3. Proofread the letter.