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In this extension, you will paste your cover letter into a different letter template.

Switching the template can change how the letter looks and reads.

When you use a template to create a document, the formatting and layout are already in place.

Google Docs includes many different templates you can use in your job search, as well as templates for work and personal use.

With some jobs, such as a graphic designer or other creative role, using a less formal template allows you to show off your personality and creativity a bit more. For these types of positions, you may want to use one of the Letter templates, which are not as formal as the Business Letter ones.

Some jobs require a more formal approach.

These may include positions in the financial or legal industries.

In this case, stick with one of the Business Letter templates for your cover letter to show your professionalism.

An informal letter would not be appropriate.

Now, see how switching your cover letter from an informal letter to a formal version changes how it looks.

To begin, sign in to your Google account and go back to your original project.

Choose one of the business templates and rename it.

Fill in your contact information.

Copy and paste your letter into the new template.

Decide if there is anything you would change so it fits better with the new template.

For example, exclamation points might not be appropriate for a more formal letter.

Read your cover letters side by side and see if you can notice any differences in how they look and read.

Now, it’s your turn: Paste your cover letter into a new template, And see if you can notice any differences in how they look and read.

Choose an Extension
Create a Cover Letter for a Different Job

Use what you learned in the lesson to create another cover letter for a job that interests you.

Use a Different Template

Paste your letter into a different template to discover how this changes the way it looks and reads.

Exchange Your Letter and Resume with a Friend

Exchange your cover letter and resume with a friend and read each one from the perspective of a potential employer.


Continue learning and improving your cover letter.