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Create a Cover Letter for a Different Job

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In this extension, you will think of another job you would like to apply to and research the company. You will then decide what specifically you can keep from your original cover letter and what should change.

No matter which job you are applying for, be sure to: Research the role and company, Address the letter to the hiring manager if you can find out their name, Share why you’re excited about working for the company, Mention the skills and experiences that will help you succeed, Share a major accomplishment from a previous job or experience, And thank the hiring manager for considering you.

Begin by opening a new document for your notes.

Take notes on the research you find online.

Look for articles written about the company and information on its website and professional networking sites. Then decide how you can help the company to meet its challenges and build on its successes.

See if you can find out the hiring manager’s name so you can address the letter directly to them.

Now, use the notes you just took to change your original cover letter to apply for this new role.

To begin, make a copy of the original project and rename it for the new job you are applying for.

Your contact information remains the same.

Change the date, employer’s address, and hiring manager’s name.

Just as you did in the original letter, mention the title of the job you’re applying for, why you’re excited to work for the organization, and their mission statement in the first paragraph.

In the second paragraph, discuss past accomplishments or certain experiences you’ve had that make you the best person for the job.

If you are applying for a completely different role, tailor your accomplishments and experiences to the position.

Finally, sign off by thanking the hiring manager for their consideration and mentioning your excitement for the job one last time.

If you originally applied to a more informal company, don’t forget to tailor your ending if the new role is a more professional environment.

End with your name.

Now, it’s your turn: Decide on another job you want to apply for, Conduct research on the job and company, Take notes on what you found in a document, And change your original cover letter to apply for the job.

Choose an Extension
Create a Cover Letter for a Different Job

Use what you learned in the lesson to create another cover letter for a job that interests you.

Use a Different Template

Paste your letter into a different template to discover how this changes the way it looks and reads.

Exchange Your Letter and Resume with a Friend

Exchange your cover letter and resume with a friend and read each one from the perspective of a potential employer.


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