1. Use Google to Get a New Job Unit Wrap Up

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In this unit, you used Google applications to: Collect and share tips for finding a job in your area with specific goals and challenges; Create a job search plan for completing tasks; Search for job openings and keep track of your applications; Craft your resume, And Practice interviewing techniques.

You’ve completed most of the work for your job search!

The next step is to submit your resume to apply for the position you researched.

Each company or career website has a different process, so make sure to do your research along the way, and search the internet frequently for more tips on writing, applying, submitting, and interviewing for jobs.

Refer to your job search presentation to review the tips and suggestions for searching for a job.

You could even create a similar presentation to collect interview tips.

Update the status of each of your applications; And, as you apply for jobs, check off items in your job search plan.

You can use your resume as a template for other jobs applications, too.

Make a copy for each application.

Then, tailor it to the job description just as you did in this unit.

The digital skills you learned in this unit will be useful in the workplace, too.

In your new job, you may use documents to: You may use spreadsheets to: Schedule or manage appointments Create sign-up sheets Calculate budgets Or manage inventory You could even use these skills to go into business for yourself.

You could use a slide presentation to showcase your artwork, photography, design, or other products.

Or, pitch a business plan to a potential investor.

You can transfer the skills you learned here to software programs and applications beyond G-Suite, too.

All document-editing, spreadsheet, and presentation programs share similar characteristics.

What you’ve learned here will not only help you get a new job -- it will help you succeed at it, too!

Best of luck at your new job!

Certificate of Completion

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Certificate of Completion

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