1. Use Google to Get a New Job Unit Introduction

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Whether you want to enter or return to the workforce, pick up some side work, or start a new career, looking for a job can be intimidating.

There’s a lot to do.

But Google’s suite of applications, called G Suite, can help in every step of your job search.

In the following activities, you will...

...create and share a job guide with tips and ideas for finding a job in your area...

...create a job search plan to track tasks and job search progress...

...search for open positions using Googles' job search feature using Google's job search feature and track the jobs you’re applying for...

...write a resume...

...and practice interview techniques.

Many jobs require familiarity with digital technology like word-processing and spreadsheet software.

You can carry these skills with you into the workforce.

By the time you finish, you will be ready to submit your applications and finish your search to get a new job.

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