3. Search for Interview Questions

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In this video, you will search the internet to find more interview questions for the kind of job you’re looking for.

You’ll record the questions you find in your “Interview Notes” document.

Lots of career websites have sample questions you can review before an interview.

You can use these questions to practice interviewing techniques and help you feel more confident in an interview.

First, open a new tab or window and go to google.com Enter a query about interview questions for your job.

For example, you might search “job interview questions for sales associates” or “interview questions, medical assistant.”

Include “interview questions” and the job or field you’re applying for.

Explore some of the search results.

You may find an entire list of interview questions for your position.

You may find more general lists of questions that most employers in any field would ask.

Or, you may want to create your own list from different websites.

Find at least 3 questions that you think an employer might ask you on an interview for a position in your field.

Then, record these questions in your interview notes document under “Employer Questions.”

Type the questions yourself....

...or copy and paste the text from the website.

To copy and paste, highlight the text on the website, then right click and select Copy.

Place your cursor in the bulleted list in your document.

Then, right click and select Paste without formatting.

The text appears in the same font style and size as you’ve been using in your document, rather than the formatting on the website.

Update the table of contents.

Then, move on to the next video where you will practice answering these questions.


  1. Search the internet for interview questions in your field.
  2. Find at least three questions.
  3. Record these questions in your interview notes document under "Employer Questions."