4. Practice Interviewing by Yourself

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In this video, you will review the interview questions you found online and practice answering them by yourself.

There are lots of ways you can practice interviewing, even if you don’t have anyone to help.

You may want to start by thinking through each question in the list and making some notes about how you might respond.

You could search the internet for interviewing tips and techniques like you did in the first activity.

You could write down the 3 to 5 most important points you want to communicate in an interview, and gear all of your responses towards those points.

You can review these notes several times before your face-to-face interview.

Or, if you’re interviewing over the phone, you might be able to use some of these notes while you speak with the hiring manager.

You could prepare a script that contains all the information you want to convey and rehearse it until you feel confident.

Or, you could use a webcam or smartphone to record yourself. Read a question and record your answer.

Then, watch the video or listen to the audio.

What do you notice about your responses?

Listening to a recording of yourself will make you aware of your habits and weaknesses, while also helping you to identify your strengths.

How you practice interviewing is up to you.

Use this time to practice interviewing on your own.

In the next video, you and a partner will conduct a practice interview and give each other feedback on your interviewing skills.


  1. Practice interviewing using the questions you recorded in your interview notes document.