4. Create a Job Search Plan Activity Wrap Up

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Spreadsheets like the 1 you created for this activity can be used for lots of organizational tasks.

For example, you could use a spreadsheet to...

...create your daily or weekly schedule...

...keep a contacts list with addresses and phone numbers...

...keep a timesheet for work...

...or create a family budget.

The skills you used to create your job plan will help you succeed at your new job, too.

Almost all businesses use spreadsheets to manage projects, track inventory, create schedules, and calculate expenses.

Knowing some spreadsheet basics will help you complete all these tasks at your new job.

To save yourself time on a new project, use this project as a template.

Templates are a lot like the slide layouts you used in the last activity.

To reuse the formatting from this spreadsheet, make a copy of your job search guide.

Rename the copy...

...and delete the data inside.

Then, you’re ready to use the spreadsheet for another task.

There are also lots of templates available in G Suite for documents, spreadsheets, slide presentations, and forms.

Later in this unit, you will explore document templates to help create your resume.

Using a template or copying a previous project keeps you from having to start from a blank spreadsheet every time.

Now you have a solid plan to move forward with your job search.

If you want more ideas, ask your neighbors to share what they added to their plans.

You could share your plan with a friend or family member to help hold you accountable for completing your tasks.

Or you could send your plan to a mentor to collect feedback and suggestions.

Now, move on to the next activity, where you will check off 1 task in your plan: searching for jobs.


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