2. Add Columns to Your Plan

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In this video, you will navigate a spreadsheet and learn some basic spreadsheet concepts.

Then, you’ll add headings to your spreadsheet and start setting up your job search plan.

Spreadsheets contain many rectangles called Cells that are organized into rows and columns.

A row is a horizontal set of cells that is labeled with a number.

A column is a vertical set of cells that is labeled with a letter.

Every cell has an address that is based on its position in the spreadsheet.

For example, this cell is called A1 because it is in Column A, Row 1.

To navigate a spreadsheet, click on individual cells using the mouse.

Or, use the arrow keys to move up, down, left, and right.

You can add text, formatting, formulas, and functions to any cell.

To edit a cell, click on it.

A border appears around the cell. Type in the cell and press Enter.

Now that you know a little about spreadsheets, add headings to your job search plan.

Click on the first cell in the spreadsheet and type “Task”.

Click on the next cell to the right.

Add a heading for “Deadline” To add additional columns, select 1 column in your sheet.

Then, select Insert, Column, and choose whether to add the new column to the right or the left of the selected 1.

Label this column “Notes”.

To ensure that you can see the header row no matter where you are in the spreadsheet, freeze the top row.

First, select the row by clicking the row number.

Then, from the View menu, select Freeze...

...and up to current row.

Now, you will be able to see the headings even as you sort or filter your spreadsheet.

Add additional headings for columns you need in your job search plan.

Then, move on to the next video where you will add tasks to your plan and customize the font styles and colors in your spreadsheet.


  1. Add headings for “Tasks,” “Notes,” and “Deadlines” to your spreadsheet.
  2. Freeze the top row so you can always see it in the spreadsheet.
  3. Add additional headings for columns you need in your job search plan.