1. Create a Job Guide

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When you search for a new job, you might first think about how much money you could earn, or what work experience you have had in the past.

But other elements are important, too.

You may have family obligations that require a flexible work schedule.

You may be looking to start a whole new career.

Or, maybe English is your second language.

You may want to consider the area where you live, like what kinds of jobs are available, which jobs pay the most, or which jobs offer certain benefits.

These factors determine which jobs you look for, as well as how you look for them.

While every job seeker has specific needs and wants, you can make finding a job easier by searching for advice on the internet and sharing information with others.

In this activity, you will research tips for finding job opportunities in your area.

You will brainstorm some of the goals you have for your next job.

You will create a job search guide in Google Slides to collect the information you found.

Google Slides is an application that helps you create and edit visual presentations to share information with others.

Then, you will share your tips with others to create a class presentation.

By the end of this activity, you will have created a collection of slides with tips about how to get a job in your area that you and your class can use.

Others in this class may learn from the tips you share and you may learn from their tips as well.

To start, open a new tab and go to google.com.

Then, open Google Drive.

Google Drive stores the files you create in Google applications, as well as files that are shared with you.

You can access them from any computer or mobile device with an internet connection after signing in to your Google account.

Create a new Slides presentation.

Click New, then select Google Slides...

...and blank presentation.

Name your presentation “Job Guide”.

This is the filename that will appear in Google Drive.

Your presentation will automatically save in Google Drive every time you make updates.

There’s no need to save while you’re working.

Once you’ve created and named a new Google Slides presentation, move on to the next video to start writing your job guide.


  1. Create a new Presentation and rename it.