6. Share Your Resume with a Partner

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In this video, you will share your resume with a partner and get feedback about how you can make it even stronger.

Find a partner in the class who is ready to share their resume.

Then, exchange email addresses.

From your resume, select Share...

...and type in your partner’s email address.

The sharing options allow you to choose what others can do with your document: Edit lets them make changes and add text...

...Comment only means they can leave comments but can’t make any other changes...

...and View only means they are only allowed to read or make a copy of the document.

Select Edit so your partner can edit the document directly.

Choose whether to notify your partner about the shared document.

Notifying your partner will send an email with an invitation to collaborate on the document.

Once your partner has shared their resume with you, open it.

From a new tab or window, open Google Drive.

Then, look in your shared files for your partner’s resume.

As you read, make suggestions for your partner.

To do this, turn on Suggesting mode.

Suggesting mode allows people with edit access to make changes to the document while keeping the original text.

Change the document to Suggesting mode.

From the View menu, select mode...

...and Suggesting.

Or, select Suggesting from the toolbar.

Now, your changes appear in the document alongside the original text.

You can also add a comment to explain your change.

You can also add comments to make broader suggestions.

Highlight text in the document.

Then, insert a comment.

As you read your partner’s resume, note the following: First, proofread it for spelling and grammar errors.

1 typographical or grammatical error could keep someone from getting an interview.

Spell-checking features do not always detect every mistake, and a resume should be flawless before you send it out.

Next, check for wordiness.

Are there places where your partner could shorten a description or use fewer words to say the same thing?

In a one-page resume, every word counts.

Suggest where your partner could be more concise.

Finally, look for words that have impact.

Just as you used strong action verbs in your resume, check your partner’s document for similar words.

If you were an employer scanning this resume, what keywords would stand out to you?

When you have finished reviewing your partner’s resume, move on to the next video to review the comments they made on your document.


  1. Share your resume with your partner.
  2. Open your partner's document from your shared files.
  3. Check your partner's resume for:
    • Spelling and grammar errors
    • Wordiness
    • Effective use of language.