8. Resume Writing Wrap Up

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Congratulations on completing your resume.

In this activity, you used a template to provide structure and design to your resume.

You used keywords to tailor your resume to a specific job.

You revised your resume to include more effective wording, like action verbs and measurable details.

Then, you shared your resume with a partner and gave each other feedback in suggesting mode.

Finally, you revised your resume and saved it as a PDF, so that it is ready to send to prospective employers.

Depending on the process for the jobs you apply for, you may...

Or, you may...

In either case, you now have an updated resume that is ready to use to apply for this job.

You should tailor each resume for the specific job you’re applying for.

But you don’t have to start from scratch every time.

Once you have a strong resume, you can make a copy of this document and customize it for the next job application.

Now that your resume is ready to submit, move on to the next activity to prepare for another important part of the job search: the interview.


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