3. Brainstorm for One Job

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In this video, you will investigate one job you want to apply for and brainstorm about how your skills fit that job description.

Some employers receive hundreds of applications for the same job.

To narrow the pool of applicants, they often screen resumes by hand or use applicant tracking software.

Employers check to see if your resume includes keywords that signal you’re a good candidate for the position.

To give yourself a better shot at the job...

To make it easier to incorporate these keywords into your resume, you will create a brainstorming document.

You will copy and paste the job description from the webpage into a new Google Doc and highlight the keywords it contains.

Then, you’ll add comments about how your abilities make you a good fit for the job.

Then, you’ll incorporate those keywords and skills into your resume.

To start, open your job search plan spreadsheet.

From a new tab or window, go to google.com and open Google drive.

Then, find the spreadsheet and double click to open it.

Click the Applications tab.

Review the list and select 1 of the jobs you found.

Click the link to open the job description.

Next, create a new document.

From the File menu, select New and Document.

Title the document for the position you’re applying for.


Go back to your document.

Paste the job description into the document without the formatting from the internet.

Select Edit, and Paste without formatting.


Now you have a copy of the job description in the document.

Read the job description carefully.

Highlight at least 5 keywords in the job description.

As you highlight keywords, add comments about how your experience or skills link to these.

To add a comment, highlight text in the document.

Select Insert, and Add a Comment.

Type a comment in the box...

...then select Comment.

Add at least 3 comments about how your previous experience relates to this new job.

Highlighting and adding comments are great ways to brainstorm before you start writing.

Thinking about your skills for a specific job will help you craft a strong resume.

When you’ve finished reading and commenting on the keywords and skills in your brainstorming document, move on to the next video to incorporate these into your resume.


  1. Choose one job.
  2. Go to the job website and copy the job description.
  3. Paste the description into a new, blank document.
  4. Highlight at least five keywords in the job description document.
  5. Add at least three comments about how your experience relates to the job description.