6. Spreadsheet for Time Management Wrap-Up

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Balancing all of your responsibilities can be challenging, especially if you have a lot going on.

It can be difficult to know where to start.

Using a spreadsheet can help you break down how you use your time, so you know what activities you might be spending too much time on and which ones you need to spend more time on to work toward your goals.

In this lesson, you: ...made a list of the activities you did yesterday or on an average day...

...recorded the hours and minutes you spent on each activity...

...used formulas to calculate how many hours of the day you used...

...and calculated how much time you had left over.

You can use your spreadsheet to help you manage your day so you have time for all areas of your life.

Using one can help you make changes in your habits so you have time for everything you need and want to do, even relaxing.

Also, the skills you learned about spreadsheets in this lesson are useful in many different types of jobs.

They can also help you get a job or do things in your current job, like create budgets and track accounts.

Your spreadsheet is like a budget for your time.

You get twenty-four hours each day.

Your time is a resource, and tracking it can help you decide on the best way to spend it.

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Certificate of Completion

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