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In this video, you will think about how long you spent on each of the activities you listed and enter the hours and minutes into your spreadsheet.

To start, label the next 2 columns “Hours” and “Minutes".

These headings will help you see how long your activities took, even if they only took part of an hour.

Now, type how long you spent on each activity.

Some of your activities may overlap, and that’s okay.

For example, you may have watched TV while cleaning or looked for a job on your phone while taking the bus.

Record the time you spent on the activity that required more of your attention during that time period.

Or split the time in half.

For example, if you watched TV while cleaning for an hour, you could say you spent thirty minutes on each.

It’s okay if you can’t remember the exact amount of time for each activity.

Just guess based on how much time you usually spend doing something.

You might already track time in other ways, like using a workplace timesheet or a paper planner.

Use these resources to help you add the time you spend on different activities to your spreadsheet.


  1. Create column headings for “Hours” and “Minutes.”
  2. Type how long each activity took.