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It’s a lot easier to manage your time if you know how you spend it.

In this video, you will build a list of all the things you did yesterday, or do on an average day.

If it’s too hard to remember your activities, you may want to pause this lesson for a few days and spend a day writing down your activities and the hours and minutes it took to complete each one.

Then, you can come back to the lesson with your list ready to go.

Listing all your activities helps you plan enough time for tasks, like going to the doctor or interviewing for jobs, and for leisure activities like seeing a movie or taking a nap.

To begin listing activities, return to the spreadsheet you created in the last video.

Then, take a look at your spreadsheet for a minute.

It’s made up of small boxes called cells, which are places where you type information, called data.

A row is a group of cells that runs horizontally, and a column runs vertically.

First, create column headings, which are text that appears at the top of each column.

They tell you what kind of information is in the column, so your spreadsheet is easier to use and organize.

Click on a cell to select it.

Then, type column headings titled “Date” and “Activity”.

Bold the first row, so that your headings will stand out.

Now, think about the activities you did yesterday or do on an average day.

You can refer to your list if you already made one or create one here.

Add the date when the activities took place...

...and begin your list.

Try to include everything you did, even sleeping and eating.

Don’t worry about putting the activities in any specific order.

The example project shows some of the ways you might spend your time, but your schedule will look different.

Think about in-between tasks, too, like getting to and from places.

Keep listing tasks.

Add what you did in your free time, too.

Some of your activities might take more space than the cell gives you in the spreadsheet.

Wrapping the text allows you to see everything at once.


  1. Label your columns.
  2. Bold the first row.
  3. Enter a date.
  4. List everything you did on that date.
  5. Wrap the text.