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In this extension, you will create a drop-down list of all your activities.

A drop-down list is a menu with a list of options.

To create your drop-down list, you’ll use data validation to make a preset list in your spreadsheet.

You probably repeat a lot of the same activities every day.

Having all of your responsibilities, tasks, and leisure activities in a pre-made list will make tracking your time quicker and easier.

As you track your time, you can choose your activities from this list, so you don’t have to spend time re-typing all of them.

To start, duplicate your time-tracking sheet.

This will make an exact copy so that you keep all of the same formulas and formatting.

Give your copied sheet a name to set it apart.

Now, create a master list of your regular activities in another column.

Use a keyboard shortcut like Control-C or Command-C to copy your list of activities.

Use the Control-V or Command-V keys to paste the list into the other column.

Change the activities you listed so they are more general.

For example, if you originally listed “dentist appointment”, you can now list it as “doctor/dentist appointments” so you’ll be able to use that category more in the future.

Delete your activities, hours, and minutes from columns B, C, and D.

Don’t worry about deleting any of the totals.

The formulas you created in the original lesson will stay in the cells so that you won’t have to create them again.

Select the cells where the list will appear on your spreadsheet...

...and choose data validation.

Select the master list of activities.

This will give you a handy drop-down list for all of your activities so you don’t have to spend time typing them in.

Choose an Extension
Create a Time-Tracking Template

Copy, paste, and delete cells to create a blank time tracking template.

Activities Drop-Down List

Use data validation to create a list of activities you can use for tracking.

Conditional Formatting for Time

Use conditional formatting to change the color of a particular activity if it takes too much time or not enough.


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