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In this video, you will calculate how long you spent on all of the activities you recorded in your spreadsheet.

This will show you how much time you used and how much time you have left in the day for other activities.

To add up your total time, you could add up all the hours and minutes in your spreadsheet, but that would take a long time.

Instead, you can create a formula in a spreadsheet to do the work for you.

A function is like a shortcut formula.

It’s programmed to do a calculation automatically so you don’t have to write out all of the steps.

For example, you can use a function called a SUM function to add up the numbers in a range of cells.

A range of cells is a group of cells within a row or column.

To begin, type the word “Total” beneath the list of activities and times.

Bold the text.

Now, use the SUM function to add up the time in the hours column.

First, type an equals sign, which all functions and formulas begin with in spreadsheets.

Then, type the word “SUM” Next, type an open parenthesis sign.

Click and select the range of cells that contain hours...

...then close the parenthesis.

Press Enter.

The total number of hours will automatically calculate.

Now, repeat the SUM function for your minutes column.

If your minutes column is over sixty, convert the minutes into hours.

Since there are sixty minutes in an hour, you can get the total number of hours by dividing the total number of minutes by sixty.

To do this, start a formula by typing an equals sign under your total number of hours.

Then, select the cell with your total number of minutes.

The contents of that cell (your total minutes) will now be added to your formula.

Type the divide sign and the number sixty.

Press Enter to get your total minutes converted to hours.

To see how much time you spend on your activities, add up your total hours and minutes.

To do this, select the cell with minutes converted to hours.

Then, type a plus sign.

Select the cell that contains the hours.

Press Enter.

If your total is more than twenty-four, you may have overestimated how much time you spent on a particular task.

If it’s less, you may have not accounted for all of your time in the day, like the time it takes to get ready in the morning.

That’s okay.

What matters is that you’ve started to track how you spend your time and determining if it’s spent wisely.


  1. Use the SUM function to calculate the hours you spent on your activities.
  2. Add up the minutes you spent separately.
  3. Convert the minutes into hours.
  4. Add up the total time.