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Search for a Job Using Your Military Occupation Code

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In this video, you will search for jobs using the occupation code that describes your military experience.

Conducting a thorough job search will help you find the right civilian job after your military service is over.

While a job search does require time and effort, using your military occupation code in Google Search can help you narrow your search from the many jobs available to civilian jobs that best suit your skills and experience.

Your military occupation code is linked to the job you held while serving in the military.

Using your code as part of your job search can help you quickly find civilian jobs that are suited to your military experiences.

To begin, go to and search for “jobs for veterans.”

Then, enter your military occupation code.

The specific code you enter will depend on your military branch and the capacity in which you served.

For example, if you served in the Marine Corps or Army.

In the Navy.

Coast Guard.

Or Air Force.

The jobs that appear in your search are potential matches for you, based on your military occupation.

Explore the results to see what interests you.

Using this job search tool can help you take an important step in your successful transition from your military career to the civilian workforce: finding a job that is right for you.

Now, it’s your turn: Search on for “jobs for veterans,” And type your military occupation code in the search field to look for a job.

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Decide Which Military Experience to Include

Make decisions about which military experience to include on your resume.

Update Your Resume to Fit the Job

Use a job description to tailor your resume to fit the job details.

Search for a Job Using Your Military Occupation Code

Use your military occupation code in Google Search to find a job that matches your military experience.


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    • The videos offer advice based on typical challenges transitioning service-members and veterans commonly face when searching for a civilian job.