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Add Bullet Points to Your Resume

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In this extension, you will add bullet points to your resume to organize the description of your work, volunteer, or other relevant experience.

In some resume templates, the job descriptions are written in paragraph form.

Other templates use bullet points to list items.

Bullet points condense your descriptions and make them easier to scan quickly.

To start, open a new tab or window.

If you have not used the computer you are working on before, go to Google dot com and sign in to your Google account.

Then, open Google Drive.

Find your resume draft, and open it.

To add bullets to your resume, place your cursor in front of the very first item in a job description.

Open the Bulleted list menu.

There are several styles of bulleted lists.

Choose one that fits the style of your resume.

Then, continue with the next item in the description.

This time, simply press enter after the last word in your first description to add a second bullet.

Remove the comma at the end of the first item, if there is one.

Continue adding bullet points for each skill in each description.

To make your resume clear and professional looking, limit each description to three or four bullet points.

Too many bullets makes your resume difficult to scan, and an employer may miss important information that would make them want to interview you.

Include only the most important responsibilities or skills for each position.

To remove bullet points from your resume, highlight a line containing a bullet point.

Then, select the bulleted list menu again to remove the bullet from that line.

In your resume, you can use bullet points, paragraphs, or a combination of the two styles.

For example, for each job, you could write one sentence that summarizes the role itself.

Then, you could list a few bullet points that describe the specific skills you used or achievements you had at that job.

Now, it’s your turn: add bullet points to list skills and accomplishments for each job description in your resume.

then, if you have more than three or four items in a description, choose which ones to delete.

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