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6. Add Your Education

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The education section of your resume describes your background and any formal schooling you’ve had.

The people reviewing your resume want to see that your education matches the requirements of the opportunity you are seeking. The specific courses you took in school demonstrate the qualifications and knowledge you bring to a potential employer, school, or program.

In this video, you will add your educational background to your resume draft.

To start, fill in the school name; location; the degree, diploma, or certificate you earned; and the dates that you attended the school. Begin with your most recent school first.

Consider including internships, apprenticeships, or other types of training.

If you’re currently enrolled in school and have not yet earned a degree or certification, you can still include it. Decision-makers are interested in what you’re working toward.

If you need to add another item to the template, select one of the items you have already completed. Then, copy it.

Paste it at the top of your education section, if you’re currently enrolled in school.

Add the degree you are seeking.

For the dates, type in progress.

Next, organize your education so that the highest-level credential comes first.

Now, move on to the next video to fill in the remaining sections of your resume.

Now, it’s your turn: Fill in your educational information.

And organize your resume draft so the most recent items come first.


  1. Fill in your educational information.
  2. Organize your resume draft so the most recent items come first.